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Contracts for the Great Park of the Costa del Sol put out to tender

Mijas has put out for tender the contracts necessary for the building work on the Great Park of the Costa del Sol

The project to create the new park was launched in 2017, however, the plans had to be put on ice until the town hall could purchase 360,000 square metres of private land. This park, which is even larger than the old Benítez Camp in Malaga, will be built on land located in Cortijo del Ahogadero, Las Lagunas de Mijas.

According to the information contained in the prior announcement published on the State Procurement Platform, interested companies have until January 30 to present their offers. 

The City Council has now started the contracting of the works, with a value of 32.8 million euros- the term of the first phase being 18 months. The budget reserve made by the municipality includes a sum of 2 million euros for 2023, the remaining sum will be distributed between 14.5 million in 2024 and around 16.3 million in 2025.

The park has been hailed as “one of the most important and largest leisure and recreation areas in the province of Malaga” by Mijas Town Hall.

“The project to obtain dozens of private plots has been a real puzzle, and each one had its peculiarity: the smallest was only six square metres and the largest covered 200,000 square metres. Before the work could begin, we obviously had to have the availability of all this space, for which we have been working since 2017,” said the councillor for Urban Planning, Andrés Ruiz.

To define the final layout and facilities, the City Council launched a participatory process in which the residents of the town were given a voice. As a result of this collaboration, a navigable lake, and a skatepark, were incorporated into the proposal. 

Likewise, the original design included a reserve of 5,000 square meters for children’s games distributed throughout the entire enclosure and a water games area designed for the little ones. 2,000 meters were also drawn for a dog park and areas for the elderly, with board games and petanque. A running track, bike lane, and skating lane will be set up around the perimeter to practice exercise in the open air.

Taking advantage of the topography of the land and an existing hillside, an open-air amphitheater is also being contemplated that would be used for concerts and cultural events.

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