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L’Oréal launches device that creates and draws perfect EYEBROWS

Woman using handheld device to apply augmented reality eyebrows for a natural, personalized look

L’Oréal has launched a new eyebrow device using AR and printing technology that scans the person’s face to find out the best brow style and thickness

Over the past few years, the beauty tech industry has experienced significant growth, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable of assisting in the selection of the most suitable lipstick for different complexions and hairdryers equipped with intelligent temperature controls.

The Brow Magic is a type of “brow printer” with an AR component.
 Image: L’Oreal

The world’s largest cosmetics company has now introduced a new product that utilizes augmented reality to apply the perfect eyebrows, eliminating the need for microblading, threading, and waxing. The Brow Magic device was showcased at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week.

The technology, developed in partnership with Prinker, a company specializing in temporary, printed tattoos, scans the user’s face and provides recommendations on the most flattering brow shape.

How it works

Augmented reality (AR) superimposes computer-generated images on top of real-world images. In this case, the AR technology will overlay computer-generated images of the ideal brow shape onto the user’s existing brows.

To use the brow applicator, the user first brushes a primer through their eyebrows and then uses a handheld device to swipe across each brow in a single motion, followed by the application of a top coat. The device, which uses 2,400 tiny nozzles and printing technology to apply up to 1,200 drops of ink per inch, is the first electronic brow makeup device created, according to L’Oréal.

The product is intended to create a natural, personalized brow that complements the user’s natural brow shape and facial features. If the user decides the shape or thickness of the painted-on brows is not to their liking, they can be easily removed with makeup remover.

Guive Balooch, L’Oréal’s Global Head of Research and Innovation Tech Incubator, said: ‘We often find that brilliant technology is being applied to something outside the beauty realm. Combining L’Oréal’s heritage of beauty with these advanced technologies allows us to create entirely new beauty gestures—reimagining the original technology, and the traditional beauty experience, in the process.”


CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual trade show organised by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). It is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is one of the largest and most influential technology events in the world. CES showcases the latest technology and products from a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, home appliances, automotive, healthcare, and more.

The event attracts a large number of attendees, including manufacturers, retailers, industry analysts, and media. CES provides a platform for companies to demonstrate their latest innovations and for attendees to discover new products and trends in the tech industry.

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