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DGT changes to the 50% discount for prompt payment

Guardia civil, spanish road traffic police, stopping a car on the roadside.
Guardia civil, spanish road traffic police, Image: Twitter

The DGT has issued changes to the discount system which traditionally allowed discounts for prompt payment

Drivers have always been given a 50% discount on traffic penalties from the Department of Traffic (DGT) provided they pay them within 20 days.

However, with new legislation and updated penalties implemented, there are now some fines that do not qualify for a 50% discount for on-time payments.

One of the most egregious is using a radar detector or jammer while driving. With the modifications to the new Traffic Law, even having one in your car can result in a fine of 500 to 3,000 euros, making it one of the most expensive penalties that Traffico can impose.

There are also no reductions in fines for failing to provide driver’s identification because it may be altered after the fact, and there is no exemption from paying a charge of 1,500 euros for failing to comply with a DGT notice request.

It’s also crucial to be aware that operating a vehicle with a failed ITV on public roads after the expiration date might result in a 500 euro punishment. However, in this particular situation, you are able to choose the 50% reduction if the fine is paid within the 20-day voluntary period, but you forfeit your right to any appeal- additionally, the payment cannot be split or delayed.

Other situations that do not qualify for a 50% discount include ‘causing damage to the road infrastructure’, which means both the road itself and the traffic signals and signs.

These infractions can also lead to a fine of up to 3,000 euros. Should repairs be necessary to correct the damage caused, it will not be possible to appeal the sanction either.

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