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DGT warns drivers to be careful along A7 blackspots

The DGT has warned of difficult traffic conditions between kilometres 1000 and 1022 of the A7 road joining Torremolinos and Fuengirola

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) warns high winds are causing ” difficult traffic conditions ” in sections of the A-7 between Torremolinos and Las Lagunas, Mijas Costa.

Although the wind is present in practically the entire province, its adverse weather warning has located the greatest risk for drivers between kilometers 1000 and 1022 and in both directions of the highway, a section in which the road takes a certain height bordering the Sierra de Mijas and it is more exposed to strong gusts from the northwest.

The winds are so strong that Aemet (the State Meteorological Agency ) has activated Amber and Yellow warnings for the province of Malaga, Almería, and Granada.

On its website, the DGT offers a series of tips to drive more safely on windy days. Among them, it is worth paying special attention and holding the steering wheel tight with both hands and not making sudden movements with it, since strong gusty winds can be treacherous.

It is also important to reduce speed to avoid gusts of wind that can push the vehicle laterally or take it off the road. Other recommendations are to be careful when leaving a tunnel and when overtaking a truck.

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