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Snowplows and 2,000 kilos of salt used to clear roads in Granada

Snowplows and 2,000 kilos of salt have been used to clear mountainous roads in Granada after the first winter snowfall

Granada City Council has activated a special protocol to “effectively, quickly, and safely” attend to the incidents and effects caused by the low temperatures that are hitting the city.

The operation is being helped by the Local Police, Firefighters, Citizen Protection forces, and care services for the homeless. 

The city, in the words of the spokesman for the government team, Jacobo Calvo, is thus prepared to face “the extreme weather conditions” that affect us these days where weather forecasts warn of possible snowfall and frost in the coming days.

Spokespersons for the government team, Jacobo Calvo, and the Councilor for Mobility, Citizen Protection and Economy, Raquel Ruz, have announced today the entry into operation of special measures to deal with “any incident” caused by low temperatures.

Accusitioned material resources are four snowplows, one from the Local Police, another from the Fire Department, and the rest from Inagra, “in the event that any road had to be cleared of snow”.

The concessionary company in charge of the cleaning and garbage collection service distributed 2,000 kilos of salt to “avoid ice sheets in case of frost”.

The municipal Civil Protection group has also been put on alert for its possible intervention in the event that special attention is required in the event of possible isolation caused by the storm in El Fargue.

“This government team has already shown signs in the previous term, suffered a significant frost, that we have the experience to offer an effective, fast and safe response to possible incidents caused by the cold and snowstorm,” said Ruz.

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