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Malaga will plant more than 6,000 trees this year

The province of Malaga in Spain will plant more than 6,000 trees this year with its campaign to reforest parks and forest areas

The City of Malaga has announced the launch of its Reforestation Campaign. Councilors Francisco Cantos and Francisco Pomares made the announcement during a visit to La Virreina Forest Park. The Parks and Gardens service has begun planting Mediterranean plants in various forest parks in the city’s peri-urban areas, with a total of 6,387 plants to be planted this year.

This year’s campaign includes the planting of honey-bearing shrub species, which will help promote pollination and increase biodiversity. The City Council has planted a total of 25,000 plants in previous campaigns, in addition to the work carried out by the Junta de Andalucía within the Guadalmedina restoration project, bringing the total number of new trees planted in the city to 111,000 in three years, and increasing the city’s forested area to more than 6 million square meters.

The Reforestation Campaign is being carried out by companies Perica Obras y Servicios and Explotaciones La Misiones, under a multi-year contract worth 150,000 euros per year for 4 years. Lot 1 includes the forest parks of Málaga Centro, Málaga Este, and Ciudad Jardín, and Lot 2 includes the forest parks of Palma-Palmilla, Churriana, Campanillas, and Puerto de la Torre.

In addition to planting, preparatory work has also been carried out, including land preparation, signalling, and installation of protectors and irrigation systems. A pilot test using biodegradable cardboard protectors for the seedlings will also be carried out to ensure the most sustainable and least impactful performance. Seedlings are also being introduced in areas of the mountains that are inaccessible for irrigation due to high temperatures.

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