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Marbella police arrest ‘mystery man’ over headless corpse case

Headless corpse found floating on a beach in Marbella on January 8. Image: Twitter

Police have reportedly made an arrest regarding the case of the headless corpse found off a beach in Marbella on January 8

Reports are coming in that the police have arrested a mystery person alleged to be involved in the killing of the 46-year-old Colombian national found floating off La Canas beach in Marbella.

Authorities reported the discovery of the lifeless body but the identity of the corpse was a mystery since the head and hands were detached from the body. There was also a deep laceration to the victim’s stomach.

Days later, the ex-boyfriend of Natalia, also a Columbian National, admitted to the homicide. Just days after that, a hand thought to belong to the victim was discovered by a member of the public on Cabopino beach Marbella. That same day, police found another hand which matched the one found earlier that day.

It can be more difficult to identify a body without the hands and head, as those are commonly used for fingerprint and dental identification. However, other methods such as DNA analysis and forensic examination of remaining body features can still be used to identify the individual. Additionally, if the person is reported missing and there are other identifying features present on the body, it may be possible to identify the person through those means.

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