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Toni Nadal to host motivational conference in Fuengirola

Toni Nadal, former coach and physical trainer of Rafael Nadal will present a conference called “Everyone can be trained” in February

El Palacio de la Paz in Fuengirola will host the conference “Everyone can be trained” on February 3rd by Toni Nadal, former coach and fitness trainer of Rafael Nadal. The event will start at 7:30 pm and is free of charge for attendees. However, it is necessary to pick up the invitations at the Casa de la Cultura, which are already available but the quota is limited.

This is an activity organised by the Attendis schools of Malaga and Marbella in collaboration with the Fuengirola City Council. For this reason, the Culture Councillor, Rodrigo Romero, has informed today about this activity accompanied by the directors of the educational centres Las Chapas-Ecos and Sierrablanca-El Romeral, Cristina Sánchez, María García, and Juan José Sánchez.

“Without a doubt, it will be a more than an interesting conference, organized by the Attendis schools here in Malaga, and given the success of the call, because the speaker will be Toni Nadal, it will take place in the Peace Palace.

“Therefore, we want to congratulate this educational group for having chosen Fuengirola to develop this magnificent initiative, as it is always good that within that formative work that we have, we have personalities of prestige that help to reinforce a very important part of education,” explained the councillor.

The director of Las Chapas, Cristina Sánchez, said, “Attendis Talks is a space for meeting and reflection on topics related to education and the family environment. That’s why we’ve chosen Toni Nadal because he transmits those values that we want to inculcate in our students and transmit to society in general, such as attitude, motivation, commitment, overcoming, and above all, something very important like the management of adversity.”

In the past, these educational talks have attracted such prestige speakers as Adolfo Suárez Illana, Emilio Duró, Victor Kuppers, Elsa Punset, Edurne Pasabán, Emilio Calatayud, Pedro García Aguado, Julen Lopetegui and Luis Gutiérrez Rojas.

Toni Nadal is a reference in the world of sports, he has been the coach and physical trainer of player Rafa Nadal, turning his nephew into a quadruple winner of the Davis Cup, a gold medal in Beijing 2008 and champion of 21 Grand Slams, and consequently being the most awarded tennis coach in history.

In his conferences, Toni talks about the importance of attitude, the management of adversity, as well as the qualities of teamwork, motivation, discipline, consistency, and overcoming. It will take place on February 3rd, at 7:30 pm at the El Palacio de la Paz in Fuengirola, Malaga.

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