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Andalucía announces satellite launch date for space mission Alpha

Spain’s Andalucía has set a date of 2027 for the launch into orbit of its completely own Space Mission Alpha satellite 

In just four years’ time, the region of Andalucía in Spain will have its very own satellite launched into space! The satellite’s mission objectives are the prevention of fires, floods and catastrophes- in addition to controlling drought and pollution. 

The project also seeks to generate and expand the knowledge of the Andalucían region through cooperation between companies, universities and R&D centres, and freely share it for the improvement of society.

The launch of the Alpha is being handled by Alter Technologies, CactusSoft, Indaero Grupo Emergy and Integrasys and counts, among others, with the collaboration of DHV Technologies, the Seville Chamber of Commerce and the universities of Seville and Cádiz.

The first Andalucian satellite aims to prevent fires, floods and catastrophes, optimize the use of water in crops, and even manage vehicle traffic.

Its practical applications are multiple and will help in the fields of agriculture, fishing, marine and livestock resources; the environment, meteorology and climate change; renewable energies, geology, archaeology, astronomy or demography and urbanism.

The Junta de Andalucía has created a consortium consisting of more than 360 research groups, coming from Andalucian public universities and other public and private organisations.

The Alpha satellite will have an estimated useful life of at least one year. The project requires an investment of about 200,000 euros and the objective is that more private companies participate in the financing and design to build the unit.

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