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Torremolinos announces Neighbourhood Security Plan

Mayor Margarita del Cid announced the new Security Plan

Torremolinos has announced the creation of a Neighbourhood Security Plan aimed at improving the safety of the town’s inhabitants

Mayor Margarita del Cid announced today, Wednesday, January 25: “We have created a Security Plan in the neighbourhoods that are already reinforcing the presence and police action in Torremolinos, obviously improving security, and attending according to which hot spots, because the problems in each neighbourhood are different.

Action is being taken in many different streets, squares and meeting points, in the Montemar, El Calvario, Centro, La Colina and Los Álamos, La Carihuela and El Pinillo areas.”

She was accompanied by the Councilor for Security, Fran Cerdán, and the chief deputy inspector of the Local Police Operational Unit, José Olmeda.

Del Cid explained that “a very broad typology of interventions is carried out, related to school absenteeism, the consumption and sale of alcohol and narcotics and the sale of alcohol to minors, sanctions for not picking up pet droppings, street vendors or abandoned vehicles, care of urban furniture or mobility and traffic problems, among others, that respond to citizen demands”.

According to the mayoress, this Security Plan is completely flexible and adaptable based on the needs and demands of the residents because “this government team understands that the Local Police must be a close police force, attached to the problems and Neighborhood affairs, that is not seen simply as a source of authority, but as a team of people who help resolve conflicts.”

The mayoress added: “I want to thank the councillor, Deputy Inspector Olmeda and the group of professionals from the Local Police who are carrying out this performance with which we demonstrated that there was a lot of room for improvement in this regard, that a closer job could be done, more involved with the neighbour and with the day to day. Because in major robberies, events and conflicts, we take police involvement for granted, but I think the difference is made in the details.”

Since October 2022, the Councilor for Security, Fran Cerdán, accompanied by police commanders, has held a series of meetings with various neighbourhood associations, community presidents and residents in general from different neighbourhoods of the city.

These meetings have served to diagnose needs and see what the priorities of the Police should be, not so much in their main functions, in the exercise of their authority; but when it comes to getting involved and collaborating in the daily life of the people of Torremolinos.

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