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Spain approves the removal of masks on public transport

The Spanish government has announced today, Thursday, January 26, that the use of masks on public transport will not be mandatory in February

Spain’s Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has announced that the Council of Ministers will approve the withdrawal of the mandatory use of masks on public transport on February 7. However, they will still remain mandatory in all health centres.

In statements to the media after the presentation of the PASOS study by the Gasol Foundation, the minister justified that this decision was made because Spain has “an epidemiological situation” of the COVID-19 pandemic “very stable in all indicators”.

The minister claims that this indicates that the Alert Report’s experts have agreed that the timing is ripe to ban masks from use on public transportation. However, it will continue to be required for visitors and employees in health centres, health services, health establishments (such as pharmacies), and social health centres, also on the advice of experts.

While answering questions from the media regards the use of masks in health care, the minister has not yet clarified when and if the mask will be removed in the health field. “We are going step by step”, she said.

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