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Weather forecast for Andalucía


Aemet, the state meteorological agency has issued a weather forecast for the region of Andalucía, Spain

After days of lower-than-normal temperatures and snow and hail storms, the weather in Andalucía is forecast to stay the same until late Sunday, January 29, says Aemet.

The continental polar air will continue to accompany us into this second half of the week in a large part of the country, although the snowfall will give way to more intense and general frosts.

During the morning today, a temperature of 4 ° C is expected in Andalucía. Taking into account the wind, humidity, and other climatic conditions, the thermal sensation will be 1 ° C.

The probability of rain will be 0% and the wind speed will be 14 km/h. For noon today, a temperature of 13 ° C is expected, and a thermal sensation of 11 ° C in the region. The humidity of the environment will be 33% and the wind will blow at a speed of 19 km/h.

In the afternoon, the temperature will be 15 ° C. The probability of rain will be 0% and the wind will have a speed of 23 km/h. Tonight, in Andalucia, a temperature of 7 ° C is expected and a wind blowing with a speed of 15 km/h.

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