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American technology firms set up base in Malaga

Malaga’s ‘boom’ has attracted a slew of some of America’s top technology firms to the provincial capital

Interest in the city has so far attracted 27 foreign companies that specialise in software development, consulting and the financial sector. According to a report, they seek a “balance” between the quality of life and career possibilities

In the last year, a total of 27 foreign companies chose Malaga as the location to establish their headquarters. This coop led to the creation of 2,767 jobs, some of which are the company’s own employees, who also moved to the provincial capital, and the local talent that they incorporated into their teams.

These facts were published by the Investor’s Office for 2022 and presented by the Councilor for City Promotion, Rosa Sánchez.

The Councilor indicated that some businesses were already settled either in a European city or North America and decided to move to Malaga, while other emerging firms settled in the city to start a project from scratch.

The companies all have different starting points but one common objective, to settle in the capital of the Costa del Sol in search of a “balance” between the quality of life and the professional possibilities offered by a city that combines climate, culture and dining with a strong technological and innovation ecosystem that is going through its best moments with the arrival in recent years of large firms such as Google and Vodafone.

“What the employee’s value is that balance between personal and professional life with everything that the city offers. The fact of teleworking, which skyrocketed during the pandemic, has meant that many companies can combine that,” says Sánchez.

When analysing the effects of this “boom” that the city is experiencing, it is evident how Malaga has come under the spotlight mainly from companies in the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and also national companies, dedicated to software development, consulting, financial sector and telecommunications.

Recently, French, German, Norwegian, Italian, Swiss, Swedish, Estonian or Finnish firms have set up bases in Malaga, as well as Ukrainian ones, which have left their country after the outbreak of the war with Russia. In the last year, companies from Panama have also crossed the pond to settle in the capital.

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