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Marbella begins replacing ‘rusty railings’ on the Paseo Marítimo

Mayor Ángeles Muñoz and Councilor for Works, Diego López
Mayor Ángeles Muñoz and Councillor for Works, Diego López,

Work has begun on replacing a stretch of ‘rusty railings’ on the Paseo Marítimo which have been an eyesore for years

Marbella City Council begins the first phase of replacing railings, starting with the renovation of 2,700 meters in the Albero area- stretching from the start to Ancón beach.

Mayor Ángeles Muñoz and Councilor for Works, Diego López, visited the site on Friday, February 3, and emphasized that the intervention was necessary due to the state of deterioration caused by weather and time.

The project has a budget of nearly 890,000 euros and a three-month execution period, with the new structure being made of galvanized steel for increased durability and ease of maintenance. The renovation will eventually be extended to the Marble area, as part of a larger plan to connect 27 kilometres of coastline over the next two to three years, including the construction of the Guadaiza footbridge and the improvement of La Bajadilla and Mijas.

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Paseo Marítimo, Marbella – A Stunning Seaside Walkway

Marbella, a beautiful coastal city in southern Spain, is known for its stunning beaches, luxury resorts, and vibrant nightlife. One of the most popular attractions in the city is Paseo Marítimo, a scenic walkway that runs along the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful promenade is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike.

The Paseo Marítimo offers breathtaking views of the sea and the beach, making it an ideal place for a morning jog or an evening stroll. The walkway is lined with palm trees and benches, providing plenty of opportunities for visitors to sit and relax while enjoying the view. The path is also dotted with cafes, restaurants, and ice cream stands, making it an ideal place for a leisurely lunch or an afternoon snack.

Wide range of events and activities

In addition to its beauty, Paseo Marítimo is also a hub of activity, with a wide range of events and activities taking place throughout the year. From outdoor concerts and festivals to street performances and markets, there is always something happening along the promenade.

For those looking to enjoy the sun and the sea, Paseo Marítimo is the perfect place to do so. The walkway leads directly to Marbella’s stunning beaches, where visitors can sunbathe, swim, or simply relax on the sand.

In conclusion, Paseo Marítimo is an essential part of Marbella’s tourism offering, providing stunning views, a lively atmosphere, and a variety of activities for visitors of all ages. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist, be sure to include Paseo Marítimo in your itinerary and experience this beautiful seaside walkway for yourself.

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