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Fuengirola Hosts Judo Cadet European Cup

Almost 500 athletes from 23 countries will participate this weekend in the ‘Fuengirola European Cup’ judo cadet

The event will take place this Saturday and Sunday in the Juan Gómez Juanito pavilion from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., admission is free. The Fuengirola championship celebrates its XXX edition with participants from four continents.

This weekend Fuengirola becomes the world capital of judo in the cadet category with the celebration of the XXX ‘Fuengirola European Cup’, which this year brings together almost 500 judokas from 23 countries in the city.

This was announced by the Councilor for Sports, María Hernández, together with the Technical Coordinator of the Royal Spanish Judo Federation, Serafín Arahuete, at the presentation of the championship, which will take place this Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 February in the pavilion Juan Gomez Juanito.

“This weekend marks the thirtieth edition of this international judo championship, which each year attracts a large number of judokas from all over the world to our city”, explained Hernández, noting that “Fuengirola, in addition to being A welcoming city, also attracts sports tourism, which also repeats in our city, as is the case that concerns us today, since this international competition has been held in our city for thirty years “.

“The Fuengirola European Cup is an event that, in addition to the almost 500 athletes who are going to participate in it, also brings together a significant number of people in our city, including judges, referees and the federation’s technical staff, who stay in our hotels and that they enjoy everything our city has to offer”, stressed Hernández.

For his part, Arahuete thanked “for yet another year the welcome given to us by the Fuengirola City Council and the Department of Sports, which for us is fundamental support and without it, it would not be possible to carry out all this”.

The Technical Coordinator of the Federation indicated that “in addition to the competition on February 18 and 19, from February 20 to 22, we will also have the concentration of promises, which will have about 300 judokas participants and that will help us to raise the technical level of our competitors to prepare the next international events: the European Youth Olympic Days, which are held in July; the European Championship, in June, and the World Championship to be held in August”, explained Arahuete.

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