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Malaga Celebrates Resurgence in Cruise Tourism

Malaga Celebrates Resurgence in Cruise Tourism
Malaga Celebrates Resurgence in Cruise Tourism. Image: Twitter

Malaga’s cruise tourism industry is bouncing back with the arrival of 300 ships, marking a return to pre-pandemic levels of activity

The number of confirmed arrivals into the port of Malaga forecasted until December, exceeds the 2019 record, a historic year for the tourism industry when 288 berths were registered. On certain days this year, up to five ships will be designated for berthing.

According to the data offered by the Port Authority, for the moment, there are 297 confirmed cruise calls until December, a figure that initially exceeds the records of 2019, considered a historic year for the tourism sector in the capital, when 288 ships arrived.

Exceeding the data for 2019 also means the recovery of the pre-pandemic rhythm in terms of cruise arrivals, taking into account that the outbreak of Covid-19, with sanitary restrictions and border closures, plunged the number of berths to 19 during 2020.

It must be taken into account that the cruise sector had to operate with very strict sanitary measures in terms of capacity, serological test requirements and quarantines, which on many occasions discouraged passengers from cruising holidays.

“At the beginning of 2022, we had the expansion of the omicron variant, which greatly affected passenger transport throughout the world and this caused the ships, the cruise ships that docked in the port of Malaga, as in all ports, because logically their occupancy levels were relatively low, “explained the president of the Port Authority, Carlos Rubio.

More about the port of Malaga

Malaga port is located on the southern coast of Spain and is known for its strategic location as a gateway to the Mediterranean. The port is also one of the busiest on the Iberian Peninsula and is a popular destination for cruise ships. Additionally, Malaga port is situated in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible for visitors and offering stunning views of the surrounding area.

The port of Málaga is an international seaport and a popular fishing port. It is the oldest one of this kind operating in Spain. The port is in a natural bay, well protected by the shape of the coastline; it is situated on the edge of the historic cultural centre and has access to all of the city´s beaches via the Promenade Pablo Ruiz Picasso. It is the second most imp port in Spain for cruise passengers and is currently undergoing huge renovations.

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