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Estepona installs ‘Big-Brother’ traffic cam system

The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, today presented the new intelligent camera system
The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, unveiled the new intelligent camera system. Image: Estepona City Council

Estepona City Council is installing a pioneering intelligent camera system in the province to control and monitor the traffic

Be careful how you drive around Estepona now that the council has installed 240 cameras across 75 points in the urban area and the suburbs. 

The project, which has had a budget of 449,999 euros, is co-financed by the City Council and the European Union through FEDER Funds for Sustainable Urban Development.

‘Cutting-edge intelligent camera system’

Estepona’s mayor, José María García Urbano, recently introduced a cutting-edge intelligent camera system for urban traffic control, which utilizes innovative technology and is the first of its kind in the province. This system is a significant development for the Consistory, as it will enable them to react more quickly and provide a prompt response if necessary. The management of this system will be carried out from the Control Center of the Police Headquarters Local and will be accessible to other Security Forces as required.

The Local Police patrol vehicles will also have access to technical assistance devices, which will allow them to access the traffic video cameras installed on public roads. Additionally, the installation of artificial intelligence sensors will enable the monitoring of areas in the city with high traffic volumes.

The Consistory has awarded the project to Aplicaciones Tecnológicas Juma SL, which has installed a total of 240 cameras in 75 locations in the town and suburbs. Moreover, control points have been established in the access areas to Sierra Bermeja.

IoT sensor platform

An IoT platform is an on-premises software suite or a cloud service (internet based) that monitors and may manage and control various types of endpoints (in this case, cameras), often via applications business units deploy on the platform

The new smart camera system also involves the implementation of an IOT sensor platform that can measure meteorological data such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, rain, wind speed and direction, air quality, and noise levels. This technology will aid in reducing the carbon footprint of the city.

The project is compliant with current legislation on security and personal data protection, and it also features a real-time traffic display and control system. A Data Processing Center Connected data has been installed for this purpose.

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