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Millions Celebrate Día de Andalucía

Millions of Andlaucians will join in the festivities to celebrate this very important day- Día de Andalucía (Andalucia Day)

This year, Día de Andalucía is celebrated on Tuesday, February 28th. It marks the anniversary of a referendum held in 1980, where a large majority of voters supported the move allowing Andalucía to become an autonomous community in Spain.

In the centre of the Andalucía flag, you will notice a coat of arms, (picture below) which consists of an image of the mythical Greek hero Heracles between two columns. The columns represent the Pillars of Heracles. These are the rocks on either side of the Straits of Gibraltar.

The Capitol of Andalucía is Seville and it is the second-largest autonomous area which has the largest population (701,000) out of the 17 autonomous regions in Spain. As of January 2022, Andalucia was the most populated autonomous community in Spain, with a total amount of approximately 8.5 million inhabitants

In every corner of Andalucia, there will be festivities dedicated to celebrating this day and it is also the perfect occasion to visit towns or cities taking advantage of the fact that this Monday, February 27, the smallest of the house do not have school and some of the parents have asked for the day off at work to be able to take advantage of the ‘puente ‘ bridge.

Each provincial capital offers a multitude of cultural, gastronomic and leisure activities for Andalucia Day. 

The museums of Malaga will be open for those curious enough to want to enjoy this day among the culture that this Andalucian city houses. Its streets are filled with people and passers-by can enjoy spending a festive day on the Costa del Sol to celebrate Andalusia Day. There are many activities scheduled for this day, visits, and workshops, not only in the capital but in the rest of the province.

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