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Fuengirola beach cleaning campaign intensifies for Easter

A team of workers is helping to bring the beaches of Fuengirola up to standard just in time for the easter break

Fuengirola City Council has announced that it will be increasing the cleaning and maintenance efforts on its beaches for Easter. According to Javier Hidalgo, the Councilor for Beaches, 16 new workers have joined the existing team, with an additional 10 from the Youth Employment Plan of the Board already working on the coastline.

Furthermore, the municipality plans to reinforce its workforce with the entry of permanent discontinuous workers. These efforts will involve sand screening, cleaning of beach elements, such as shower platforms and toilets, and improvements in accessibility and litter bin painting.

Hidalgo emphasized that the maintenance of the coastline is continuous throughout the year, but with Easter approaching, it is crucial to intensify cleaning efforts. The beaches are the town’s main resource and attraction, and their quality and excellence have been recognized nationally and internationally for years. Thus, the municipality strives to ensure that everything is in perfect condition for the first Easter bathers.

The workforce of the Althenia company has increased by 16 workers this week, and the entry of temporary municipal staff is expected soon. Furthermore, since December, 10 operators from the Andalucian government’s youth employment plan have been cleaning the beaches of Fuengirola for six months.

The tasks that will be reinforced include sand screening, cleaning of municipal toilets, shower platforms, and accesses, removal of graffiti, and maintenance tasks, such as painting municipal litter bins and improvements in accessibility areas. The municipality uses tractors to eliminate unevenness in the sand- making it lovely and smooth!

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