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Malaga to Bask in 29-Degree Heat

Aemet, the state meteorological agency, forecasts that Malaga will bask in 29-degree heat as the rain clears for a summer weekend

According to Aemet, the week, which began with rainfall, cloudiness and wind, will end in Malaga with sunshine and summer temperatures, with highs that could touch 30 degrees in the capital.

The successive passage of fronts associated with Atlantic storms will still leave some light rainfall on Thursday in the Serranía de Ronda, the Antequera region and on the westernmost coast, but clearings will gradually open up to have a practically clear Saturday and Sunday throughout the province, reports the forecast by the State Meteorological Agency.

For this Thursday, cloudy or covered skies are expected, with precipitation in the interior and the western coast, generally weak, more likely and frequent in the mountains. There will also be morning mists in the interior, without ruling out mists, with a higher incidence also in mountainous areas. The winds will be from the west component, occasionally strong during the afternoon.

As the summer approaches, and temperatures increase, consumers in Spain are still very wary about the cost of electricity. The use of air conditioners during peak periods drives costs up.

This could all be avoided however using something that Spain has in abundance- Solar Power!

Read more about solar power: Solar power installations on the increase

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