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Malaga Couple Busted Over Marijuana Crop

A couple from Malaga have been arrested after police discovered a crop of over 400 marijuana plants in their home

A couple in Malaga’s Campanillas district has been arrested by the National Police for drug trafficking and electricity fraud. The authorities discovered an extensive marijuana plantation in their home, which contained 436 cannabis sativa plants, each measuring a meter in height.

Cannabis sativa plants are used as recreational drugs.

According to a statement issued by the Provincial Police Station, this property had previously been used for similar illegal activities. The investigation, conducted by Málaga West District Police Station agents, was prompted by information suggesting the reactivation of this property for drug cultivation.

The Raid

Once the house was located and the existence of cannabis sativa cultivation confirmed, the agents carried out the corresponding entry and search procedure in the property with the authorisation of a warrant issued by the Investigating Court number 14 of Malaga.

The individuals in charge of the residence were arrested following a police operation which uncovered their involvement in drug trafficking and electricity fraud. The house was illegally connected to the public electricity supply network, and during the operation, authorities seized 436 cannabis sativa plants, each measuring a meter in height, as well as a box of dried marijuana buds ready for distribution, a precision scale, a stemmer, and 250 euros in cash.

The suspects had dedicated the upper floor of the house to the cultivation of cannabis and had installed a sophisticated automatic machine in one of the rooms, used for peeling marijuana. The estimated market value of the crop is estimated at 10,000 euros.

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