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 EsteponaGO! Video Games Festival

The  EsteponaGO! Video Games Festival this coming weekend will raise funds for the Solidarity Childhood Association

Estepona Town Hall has announced that this weekend, March 18 and 19, a new edition of EsteponaGO! VII Hall of Manga, Video Games and Alternative Culture will raise funds for the Solidarity Childhood association.

In this new event, there will be a clutch of many famous guests who will offer talks and participate in meetings with fans. The “incredible” dubbing actress Amparo Valencia, who is the voice of Jessie in Pokemon; Tik Tok’s new informative revelation, Eternal Princess; and the hilarious dubbing humorist YouTuber, Escardi.

The guest list is completed with streamer Frikiambulante; the president of the Harry Potter fan club, Beatriz Pulido; the cosplayers Personahe, Leeloosoules, Karma, Nayuki and Pepeluvz, as well as Elena Gil who will offer a talk about studios Ghibli, Ur Art. There will also be concerts by the idols, Berry and Aya Chan.

During the day, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy over 80 activities, including video game tournaments held in a large gamer area. Additionally, a new space has been added this year, featuring a giant screen showcasing the latest news, as well as two arcade stands for the most seasoned gamers.

Furthermore, in an effort to cater to audiences of all kinds, there will be an exhibition dedicated to the magical world of Harry Potter, complete with spectacular replicas and props. There will also be an area for activities and craft workshops aimed at all ages, free of charge.

This edition will see the return of the interactive Kahoot El Rey Friki, which will put participants’ knowledge of the geek world to the test and offer a chance to win a very important prize. Board game enthusiasts will also have access to over 60 references in the toy library space for free play, while a Softcombat area will be set up for tournaments and free play.

As a geek event like this would not be complete without it, there will be a Cosplay catwalk and a K-pop dance contest. This year’s event will also feature guests from the Drag world- guaranteed to offer a fun show!

EsteponGO! will be held on Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The price per person and day is 4 euros.

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