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Butane Gas Price Drop


The Spanish Government has recently revised the price of the traditional orange butane gas cylinder during a periodic review

The new price for the Butane gas cylinder is 16.78 euros, which reflects a 5% decrease compared to the last revision where it was priced at 17.67 euros.

This marks the third consecutive month of a drop in the price of the butane cylinder, with November showing a price of 19.55 euros and January marking a price of 18.58 euros. The government had to impose limits on the price of the cylinder through Royal Decree-Law 11/2022, which regulates the price of butane cylinders and requires a review on the third Tuesday of the odd month.

The most recent review occurred today, March 21, and set the new price at 16.78 euros.

Official State Gazette

Under the legislation, any change in the price of the butane cylinder cannot exceed a 5% margin, either upward or downward. This means that two possible values could have been announced today: a maximum increase of 17.67 euros or a decrease to the published value of 16.78 euros in the Official State Gazette.

The next update to the price of the butane cylinder will be published in the Official State Gazette on May 22, 2023, and will come into legal effect on May 23. By law, the price must be revised on the third Tuesday of every odd month.

It is worth noting that not all prices of butane gas are regulated in this way. The regulated price only applies to traditional bottles delivered to homes under a fixed contract. Butane gas sold at petrol stations falls under a free market agreement and is not subject to the regulated tariff.

Butano lorry

Many traditional Spanish households still rely on the Butano lorry to replace their empty gas canisters with full ones.

If you purchase or rent an older property in Andalucia, it may have a Butano gas bottle in the kitchen, bathroom or even for the water heater. In such cases, it’s important to inquire about the local supplier and how to get in touch with them.

There are distribution centers for Butano Gas bottles in and around towns and villages in Andalucia. To buy a continued supply or to use this form of energy, you need to set up a contract with Repsol Butano S.A. This can be done online, but it may be easier to find out where your local distributor is and go there in person to fill in the necessary details. Retailers who sell heaters that use gas bottles, such as ironmongers (ferreterías), electrical household appliance shops, and large department stores can also provide information on where to obtain these gas bottles.

Before you can sign a contract for the supply of gas bottles, your dwelling and gas installations need to undergo an inspection for health and safety reasons.

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