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Good news – for car owners


The price of fuel in Spain has been falling six weeks in a row, now 11% less since June.

The average price of fuel has added its sixth consecutive week of falls and accumulates a reduction of up to 11% since the end of June, when it cut the upward trend in which it was immersed since the beginning of the year, increased since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.
 Specifically, the average price of a liter of gasoline has stood this week at 1,902 euros, after registering a decrease of 2.66% compared to seven days ago, according to data from the Oil Bulletin of the European Union collected by Europa Press.

In the case of diesel, the average price of the liter has fallen this week to 1,893 euros, after registering a decrease of 2.06%, chaining its fifth fall. As far as gasoline is concerned, it is its lowest level since May 16, while diesel has fallen to the lowest since May 30.

The average amount of both fuels includes taxes, but does not reflect the discount that came into force since April 1 of at least 20 cents per liter, since there are higher discounts, depending on the oil company and promotions to loyal customers.
Counting on this subsidy, the price of a liter of gasoline would be 1,702 euros, while that of diesel would be 1,693 euros, in both cases lower than those marked at the end of March, before the aid was granted by the government.
However, despite this cheapening registered in recent weeks, the price of fuels registers a particularly high price with respect to recent years at this time of summer.

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