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Radar speed traps with artificial intelligence are already a reality


Did you know that radar speed traps with artificial intelligence are already a reality in some countries?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has garnered extensive media attention in recent months, revolutionizing various aspects of our daily lives. Its widespread adoption has made life easier and more enjoyable, both at work and during leisure activities.

Just as AI improves our personal lives, authorities have also recognised its potential as an invaluable ally. Recently, news has emerged that AI is now being deployed in a domain disliked by many drivers: radars.

AI-powered radars have become a reality, albeit not yet in our country. The United Kingdom has taken the lead by installing and operationalizing the first radar that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance its effectiveness in detecting illegal behaviour. Behind its conventional appearance lies a powerful system of artificial vision and image processing, enabling simultaneous monitoring of vehicle speeds across six lanes.

The radar’s capabilities go beyond speed detection. With the application of AI, it can also visualize the interiors of vehicles, enabling analysis of occupants’ activities and identifying infractions such as mobile phone usage, failure to wear seat belts, or inadequate child restraint systems. Moreover, it is integrated with various British administrative systems, providing real-time checks on factors like valid insurance coverage, passed technical inspections, or outstanding taxes.

However, concerns have emerged amidst the accolades. Several driver associations have voiced complaints about the radar’s “abilities,” arguing against considering all drivers as potential offenders. They are examining whether the analysis of certain data violates individuals’ right to privacy, revealing that not everything about this radar is as promising as it appears.

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