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Spain’s Costa Blanca One-day midweek heatwave


A one-day mini heatwave has been forecast by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) for parts of Spain’s Costa Blanca and the Valencian municipality

Following a delightful and dry Easter weekend in the Valencian Community, some parts of the region are set to experience a brief but intense taste of summer on Wednesday, according to the state weather forecaster, Aemet. Temperatures in certain areas could soar up to 34 degrees before dropping by as much as 12 degrees on Thursday, with the possibility of weak frosts in some inland regions.

Thereafter, the weather is expected to remain stable throughout the weekend, but there is no indication of much-needed rain.

On Wednesday, April 12, Valencia City will be predominantly sunny, with temperatures surging from a high of 20 degrees on Tuesday to an average of 32 degrees, and possibly higher in some areas. Overnight temperatures will hover around 13 degrees. Further north, Castello de la Plana is predicted to reach 28 degrees, while Aemet has issued a yellow warning for strong gusts of wind, reaching 90 km/h in certain parts of Castellon province on Wednesday evening.

In contrast, Benidorm’s expected high temperature for Wednesday is a more modest 25 degrees, while Torrevieja is in line with Valencia, with an anticipated temperature of 31 degrees.

The weather in Spain’s Costa Blanca and Valencia regions is generally characterized by mild winters and hot summers. The area typically experiences plenty of sunshine throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging from the mid-teens in winter to the high 20s and sometimes even low 30s in summer.

The region is known for its dry climate, with very little rainfall between May and September. However, occasional heavy rains can occur in autumn and winter. The coastal areas also experience sea breezes that can provide some relief from the heat in summer. Overall, the climate in the Costa Blanca and Valencia regions is pleasant and favourable for outdoor activities throughout most of the year.

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